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COVID-19 Update

Affects on Our Delivery Times and Steps We're Taking to Ensure Safety

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Wow, what a crazy year. 2020 has been filled with many changes brought forth by, of course, the global pandemic. Despite these challenges, we at World Interiors are committed to providing you with the best service possible and are taking necessary precautions to ensure that your experience with us is a safe and enjoyable one.

Affects on logistics and delivery times 

Regional Shutdowns

As you've heard, many countries have intermittently locked down their borders in order to prevent the spread of the virus. When a country's borders are closed, not only can you not visit that country, but also goods can no longer be exported, since the ports are also closed. These closures, while somewhat predictable, happen so quickly that we (and other companies like us) cannot always produce and export our products before a shutdown order is issued. This makes it much harder to not only receive product, but also to provide accurate lead times for when a product will be back in stock.

Manpower Shortages

Global trade has taken a sizeable hit in terms of manpower. Many workers have opted to instead stay home or only work partial hours, which has severely slowed down global trade. As demand for our products continues to increase, sourcing and delivery continues to be a challenge.

Order of Importance

Due to the manpower shortages and regional shutdowns, goods are being moved in order of importance, with food and medical supplies being top priority. Since furniture is considered a luxury good, we are lower on the shipping priority list, as are many other retailers.

Increased Demand

One plus about this situation is that more time at home allows for more time to make changes to our living spaces. Because of this, many people are remodeling and redecorating their homes. Chances are, you're probably done some too!

This unforeseen spike in demand, coupled with the logistical issues within the furniture industry as a whole, has resulted in shortages and backorders. If you are interested in a particular product, we recommend pre-ordering the piece rather than waiting for the product to come back in-stock. If you wait for a product, chances are that it will already be sold and it may be months before that product is shown to be in-stock.

Delivery to Austin, TX and surrounding areas

First, we'd like to start off by thanking our local delivery service, BSpeedy, for going above and beyond when it comes to Covid-19 home delivery procedures.

In addition to offering quick deliveries within Austin, TX and the surrounding areas, the team at BSpeedy are taking extra steps to ensure you're protected, including:

  • Sanitization of every piece before delivery
  • Delivery staff wear masks and gloves during delivery
  • Staff sanitize their clothing thoroughly

Please note that local delivery covers to areas within a 200 mile range of our Austin, TX showroom. This includes deliveries to Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Additional charges may apply for deliveries to remote areas. Deliveries outside of this region are considered regional deliveries and will be conducted through a regional LTL carrier instead of BSpeedy.

In-store Pickup

For customers that want to pick up their piece in-store, we're offering limited contact pickup:

Back your car up to one of the warehouse ports behind our showroom and let one of staff members know what order you're picking up. Our staff will load the piece for you but may ask for your assistance, if it is absolutely required (moving car seats to accommodate items, etc.). It should be noted that World Interiors is NOT responsible or liable for securing items to your vehicle.

Regional Delivery

We take care to make sure that each piece is disinfected before shipping with our carriers.

For regional deliveries, we use major LTL carriers, which typically outsource the final delivery to local delivery companies. Our regional LTL carriers follow all local guidelines for the region they're delivering to and ensure their subcontractors do as well.

Our steps to ensure a safe experience in our showroom 

Our Showroom Hours

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at our Austin, TX showroom, we have reduced our hours to Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm. We will be closed Sundays for to allow for extra cleaning.

We're committed to taking great care of all of our guests, which is why we're taking the following steps to ensure a clean, safe showroom:

  • Regular cleaning & sanitation of all high-touch surfaces
  • Weekly clean of the entire showroom by a professional cleaning service
  • Unvaccinated staff wear masks in order to minimize the chances of spread
  • Extra masks are available to guests upon request