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Austin Ties & Amazing Designs

The Story Behind Our Logo

Brand logos define a company. What they do, why they do it, who they cater to, and what they stand for. We recently made a change to our logo to better reflect our company. Why is this important to you? We changed our logo so that it truly reflects us, our roots, and our values. We incorporate everything that our logo stands for into every single piece we build.

What is World Interiors?

As an Austin furniture company, World Interiors focuses on designing and building unique, handcrafted furniture for home and office. Great care and quality craftsmanship goes into every piece. We have laid out each step in our end-to-end process here, just for you.


We're creative thinkers. As such, we take pride in every curve, every accent, and every detail that goes into our furniture. Our pieces are designed by the owner, whose travels throughout the world and deep ties to nature are expressed in the exotic materials and organic curves present in each and every design.

Our home in Austin, Texas provides more than ample inspiration for trend-setting designs. The cultural mecca that is Austin is reflected in the fusion of various styles from across the world to mimic the fusion of many cultures that meet and mesh within our city. This is further discussed later in this article.


In a world constantly evolving with new technologies and new methods for production, we often neglect the care that a personalized touch exhibits. A careful hand, a trained eye, and a passionate heart is oftentimes the cause of a great artwork.

Because of this, we believe that quality pieces shouldn't be produced by machines and robots. It takes an experienced furniture builder to craft a truly remarkable piece. Machines might possess ability to create, but lack passion for the craft. Our craftsmen take a methodical approach to the creation of Each piece comes with its own unique characteristics due to this approach.

Our Austin Roots

The History

Austin has a rich history. From its humble beginnings as a cattle town right on the Colorado river, Austin - named Waterloo at the time -  was established as the capital of the newly founded Republic of Texas in 1839. It takes its name from one of the founding fathers of Texas, Stephen F. Austin.

From there, Austin began to grow and change, but always kept those western traditions close to heart. Austin's centered around the state capitol building, where Texans gather from near to far so that their voices may be heard. 

Austin's welcoming atmosphere has resulted in the gathering of and interaction variety between cultures and peoples throughout the world.

The Texas State Capitol in the heart of downtown Austin

Through our vision and our values, we reflect Austin's unique cultural fusion. This combination of perspectives from various cultures serves to widen our stylistic approach to offer a wide variety of different, unique pieces.

The Music

Austin's music scene is known across the world. From the grassroots concerts of the 60's and locally organized punk rock performances of the 90's to the modern megalithic festivals of today, Austin one of the major cities that the music industry calls home.

Many famous artists like Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, & Janis Joplin and contemporary bands like Explosions in the Sky have their roots in Austin. If you ever get a chance to visit, we highly recommend visiting one of the numerous live music venues located all around town.

We're big music lovers, so much so that the company owner and designer of most of our collections even used to play downtown 3-4 nights a week! The passion and capacity to express emotion that lies within music serves as amazing creative inspiration. These unique sounds that resulted from the syncretism of many genres of music within Austin is expressed through our one-of-a-kind pieces, like the Artezia Rustic Industrial Crank Table pictured earlier this article.

The Art

Austin's all about aesthetics. From the street art found all around the city to the natural reserved carefully up-kept by the local communities and governments, there's plenty of variety to please people from near and far.

One of the leading sayings in Austin is "Keep Austin Weird." The art throughout Austin holds that saying close to heart.

Like the funky art deco look? Consider checking out the Scarbrough Building, Austin's original office tower. Though not completely Art Deco, one can clearly see the influences the style has on its architecture and interior design.

Prefer a more contemporary look? Take a walk along Cesar Chavez and take in the modern, cutting-edge architecture that came from the emergence of the tech industry and its influences on the skyline.

The famous "Greetings from Austin" mural in South Austin.
Image credit

This wide variety of art styles within Austin is reflected in the wide variety of our furniture selection. Whatever stylistic preference you have, we're sure to carry something that satisfies your desires.

Eco-Friendly Austin

Austin locals enjoy the Greenbelt!

Another popular term you'll hear around Austin is "Keep Austin Green." Considered one of the greenest cities in America, Austin and its surrounding areas are home to many nature reserves and eco-friendly organizations. Organic foods, healthy lifestyles and following eco-friendly practices have long been the norm in Austin, the home of Whole Foods and an early member of "Tree City USA" - which emphasizes eco-friendly practices in the form of protecting trees and growing more trees.

We deeply connect with the idea of sustainability. That's why we helped found the Mango Foundation, an organization dedicated to planting a tree for every piece of furniture in efforts to curb the exploitative practices that many companies engage in. We also use eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials within each and every piece, such as our water-based, low-VOC finishes, which reduce both human and environmental exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals.

World Interiors: A Quintessentially Austin Furniture Company

The Durango Aged Teak Dining Table and Sideboard with Bali Dining Chairs and Boho Lighting

As expressed earlier, our Austin roots run deep. Every part of the city, from its traditions to its cultural heart, is reflected in every design we create. Like the cowboys and great musicians before us, we pride ourselves in combining that trail-blazing, visionary spirit with traditional methods to create truly one-of-a-kind looks that will stand the test of time.

View some of our Austin-Influenced Pieces!

Artezia 25-Inch Round Adjustable Acacia Wood Side Table
Artezia 25-Inch Round Adjustable Acacia Wood Side Table
Haveli Traditional Hand Carved Bed
Haveli Traditional Hand Carved Bed
Welles Adjustable Modern Crank Table
Welles Adjustable Modern Crank Table

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