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Why is my Furniture Taking so Long to Arrive?

We know that you may be thinking, "I just ordered my new furniture over a month ago, and it still isn't here." You're not alone. So, why is furniture taking so long to ship? There are many national factors and global factors contributing to the delays:

National Factors

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  • Nationwide Truck Driver Shortage - A lack of truck drivers means there are less trucks on the road, which lengthens delivery times. The pandemic and a variety of additional factors have caused the shortage of LTL transportation personnel.
  • Texas Deep Freeze of 2021: As the COVID-19 freeze on the furniture industry finally began to thaw, February's numerous severe winter weather events in the South and Northeast disrupted transportation. This halted production of foam, a core component of mattress and upholstery. As a result, manufacturers are now facing additional supply disruptions due to shipping delays caused by the disruption in foam production.
  • Surge in Demand - As the amount of time many people were at home increased, so did the demand for home decor and furniture both in-person and online. In 2020, more people ordered furniture than ever before and many factories continue to struggle to keep up with demand. This is especially the case with handmade furniture, as extra care is taken to create every piece, causing a longer production process.

Global Factors

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  • Global Lumber Shortage. Industry experts say several events led to the lumber shortage: COVID-19 lockdowns and closures, new safety protocols for lumber mills, a spike in home remodeling, and numerous wildfires in different parts of the world. All in all, less lumber produced means less product that furniture factories can create.

How We are Shortening Shipping Wait Times

Although these issues are affecting companies across the entire industry, we've taken steps to mitigate the impact. By increasing our purchase orders from our manufacturers early on, we're able to keep many of our collections in-stock. And, with each passing week, more and more shipments are arriving at our Austin, TX warehouse--ready to ship out to your home.

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