Old World Furniture

What's Old World?

Old World FurnitureThe high traditional design of Old World is inspired primarily by classic European styles of antiquity. Old world style is a mixed breed, drawing from the spectrum of design conventions that spanned 16th- and 17th-century Europe. Its influences stem from several different places, such as the Mediterranean coasts of Spain and Italy and the countryside of France, and a variety of periods, including medieval and Renaissance.

The palette is deep, rich and regal but muted for a timeworn effect. Colors typically seen in an Old World room include burgundy, navy, forest green, ocher and cream. A combination of finishes can range from dark-stained surfaces to painted, glazed and sanded finishes that simulate (or account for) years of use.

Clearly influenced by the later Renaissance period, which featured enrichment of ornament and outline, Old World furniture reflects the complexities of this significant architectural movement. No matter where it's rooted, the look always calls to mind a sense of antiquity and the stately air of bygone eras.

How does our furniture model this style?

We love the old world aesthetic! Almost all of our pieces reflect design aspects made popular by the Old World era, with a little contemporary flair added to it. You're getting the best of both worlds! You'll see details such as the matte finish and muted color scheme consistently throughout our collections, from bedroom and living room to dining room and even accents.

We pride ourselves in staying on-trend, but we understand that you can never go wrong with the classics. Come by and check out some of what we have in stock today!


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