Mango Wood:  The most popular fruit tree in the world

Mango trees are a fast growing hard wood with beautiful grains making it the perfect building material for solid wood furniture. Mango trees are constantly replanted due to their agricultural value as a major food crop.

Acacia Wood:  Over 2000 species

Acacia wood is the most common tree in the world, with species on almost every continent. There are over 2,000 species of Acacia trees in total. The Acacia trees used in our furniture is harvested according to stringent governmental and forestry-stewardship standards. At 62lbs per cubic foot, our Acacia wood is very dense and high quality, between Oak (45lbs per cubic foot) and Marble (80lbs per cubic foot)."

Pine & Fir:  Reclaimed Softwoods

For centuries, Pine has been the most widely used tree for building purposes in the world. Although a soft wood, Pine is abundant and fast growing in most continents, and it is an affordable resource used primarily in buildings and cabinets. HTD reclaimed Pine and Fir comes from old buildings and similar structures. This wood has been aged and dried for up to 100 years or more. Pine is particularly attractive when used in vintage, industrial and other rustic styles, allowing for excellent grey, neutral, and raw finishes.

Teak & Neem:  Reclaimed Hardwoods

Teak is a wood prized for thousands of years for its beauty, durability and moisture resistance. For over 5,000 years Teak has been used in the Indian subcontinent for constructing buildings, furniture and boats. Over these millennia, this resilient wood has been used over and over, being reclaimed and repurposed for generations.

The origins of Neem wood are rooted firmly in the Indian subcontinent, both as a resource for building materials and as a medicine or spiritual inspiration. During the Mougal Era, Havelis, palaces and forts were all built with stone walls, using Neem wood beams for interior supports. Neem was ideally suited for this purpose due to its durability, moisture resistance and natural insect repellent qualities. For hundreds of years, these beams have been used and reused in new structures and other applications.

Solid Mango Wood Tables

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