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Mid Century modern furniture in austin:

What's Your Style?

We get it. So many decor ideas, so many styles, so many choices. It can be quite overwhelming! Where should you start? There are many questions you should ask yourself when decorating your home. Chief among them is "What style reflects me and my personality?" If you're looking for some help narrowing down the perfect style for your space, you've come to the right place. This article is part of our "What's Your Style?" series, created to help you achieve an aesthetic that's tailored to you. Keep reading to learn more!

An uncomplicated, yet fresh style, Mid Century Modern brings classic styles into the modern age, blending natural and man-made styles to create functional comfort with an elegant aesthetic.

Is Mid Century Modern style for you?
Were you obsessed with the styles of America's Golden Age? Did you love the setting of AMC's Mad Men?
Maybe you've been feeling nostalgic about your childhood home, wanting to reminisce about afternoons in front of the TV and evening supper with the family.

If any of these descriptors fits you, Mid Century Modern may truly be a great fit for you!
Be sure to browse the rest of our store, offering the highest quality mid century modern furniture in Austin! We also ship throughout the contiguous US!

The Origins

Mid Century Modern was a style popular during, as one might guess, the middle of the twentieth century. It came about as a blend between the German Bahaus movement and the American International movement.

Bauhaus was a style that aimed to reunite fine art with functional design, creating practical pieces with the soul of an artwork. After the Second World War, many Bauhaus artists and architects emigrated to America, taking this style with them. This formed the foundation of what would become Mid-Century Modern.

From Bauhaus style came International, which focused on stripping extra ornaments in favor of showcasing sleek, organic curves and clean lines while still maintaining a formal tone.

New technological advances and experimental materials that came from the war combined with these two design styles to form what we know as Mid Century Modern. Depleted materials and accelerated rebuilding requirements during the war lead to many prominent architects coming up with novel ways to make the most out of available resources.

The Mid Century Modern era boasts more prominent architects and artists than any other modern art movements. Here's just a few:


  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Joseph Eichler
  • George Fred Keck
  • Miles van der Rohe
  • Emerson Stewart Williams


  • Charles and Ray Eames
  • Arne Jacobsen
  • George Nelson
  • Harry Bertoia
  • Eero Saarinen
  • Mid Century Modern Austin

    Wright, Frank L. Falling Water. 1935.

    Mid Century Modern defining features: getting the look

    Flagstone Elements

    Looking to make your space feel like Don Draper's? Here's some of the main aspects that defines Mid Century Modern:

    • An emphasis on functionality. The form will follow the function.
    • Uncluttered, sleek lines with both organic and geometric forms
    • Minimal ornamentation & lighter, airier spaces (though not as light and airy as minimalism)
    • An exploration of different traditional as well as non-traditional materials
    • The juxtaposition of different, and sometimes contrasting materials

    Don't feel like you have to incorporate all these features if you don't want to! It's always important to create a space you feel proud to call home. We do, however, recommend including a few of these elements into your space if you want it to exhibit a Mid-Century Modern aesthetic.


    Mid Century Modern brings nature into the home.

    Large windows allow natural light to flood the space, creating a light, airy feel. At the time, this was an incredibly novel idea, as older homes had darker, more cramped interiors.

    Be smart with the space! Oftentimes, less is more with this style. Don't feel like you need a piece to occupy space in every room. Remember that function is paramount when furnishing in this style; if it doesn't serve a purpose, throw it out.

    Mid Century Modern style is all about those clean lines and sleek curves, as shown with our mid century modern dining table, the Bruges. Pieces can either have a organic or geometric form, though organic forms tend to be more prominent. Consider adding a piece with a striking form as the centerpiece of the room!

    Mid Century Modern Furniture Austin

    The Grandby Mid Century Modern Coffee Table and Side Table


    Mid Century Modern is a style that, much like Industrial Modern, puts function before all else. Every piece in a space should serve a purpose, and some may serve multiple.

    Consider adding compact or stack-able pieces to aid the aesthetic -- many mid century homes would have these accents in order to conserve space. Nesting tables like our Leonardo Side Tables are another great choice that add a unique flair to your space!

    If you fancy fusing styles, consider adding an industrial flair to your mid century home by adding a crank table as a centerpiece for your dining room or a wheeled coffee table in your living room to add some contrast in textures within the space.


    Mid Century Modern pieces provide a bridge between old and new. While traditional materials such as wood and iron were still prevalent in designs, new technological advances provided designers with a plethora of new materials to work with. Plexiglass and plywood are some staples of classic MCM pieces.

    Furniture designers never neglected the traditional materials, however materials like solid wood were still used in order to promote more organic forms and nature-inspired aesthetics. The aim of these designs were to bring the beauty of the natural world into the home by incorporating natural elements into an otherwise modern space.

    Just like any other style, don't feel like you need to incorporate all these materials into your space. The different colors and textures can feel overwhelming. Instead, opt for just a few select materials to use as staple materials throughout your home. If you're unsure of what materials to settle on, you can never go wrong with wood and iron. Then, add splashes of color with plastic pieces or incorporate some plexiglass accent pieces to add interesting dashes of character within the space.

    Mid Century Modern Wood Example


    We hope you love smooth finishes and elegant, soft curves, because that's what mid century modern is all about. Materials will have smooth finishes, with clean lines and organic curves. The textures mimic the materials in that they fuse the organic, free-form curves found within nature with the clean lines and smooth finishes of manufactured pieces.

    A point to remember is that this is a rule, not a law. It CAN be broken, but we wouldn't recommend doing so too often. Want to add an industrial coffee table with a rough, weathered texture to it? Go for it! Just be careful - going overboard can take away from the overall aesthetic more than it will add to it.


    The color palette for a mid century modern home is actually quite wide, from neutral to bold, black & white to fuchsia and candy-apple red.

    For more contemporary spaces, opt for more muted colors. This gives a more modern, reserved aesthetic to the space.

    That being said, don't be afraid to add splashes of bold colors like our Avery Green Velvet Armchair, if that sounds appealing to you! These accents can act as a great way to insert your personality within your space.

    Looking to Add some Mid Century Modern Style to Your Space? Here's Some Tips:

    Mid century modern Furniture in Austin

    Our Chiavari Mid Century Modern Ebony Leather Sofa.

    • Do not feel the need to make your room a period piece/time capsule.. Consider incorporating a few mid century modern pieces to drive and define the space.
    • Incorporate some graphic patterns into the space. These have bold patterns and strong, sensuous curves. Many companies from the era still have patterns from that period that are updated for a more contemporary look.
    • Add lighting that has a sculptural, artistic form but retains functionality.
    • Add period art and accents. You can never go wrong with a Warhol reproduction or a Jackson Pollock. Bonus points if it's an original!
        • Want to add more character? Add vintage pieces as accents!
          Vintage pieces are great for adding some uniqueness to your industrial space without taking away from the overall tone of the room. These pieces can definitely feel out of place when overdone, but just a few can really transform the space for the better!
        • Don't forget to add accents!

          Accents can be a great way to bring together an otherwise empty-feeling space. For an aesthetic that exudes mid century modern style, consider adding in one of our Charles club chairs!
        • Lighting accents give a great chance to think outside the box!
        • For elegant yet fun juxtaposition, add a feminine accent like this glass light.
        • If you want a room that completely vibes steampunk, check out some of these steampunk lighting choices!

        Check Out some of our Mid century modern products!

        Mapai Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

        Mapai Mid-Century Modern Dining Table


        The Mapai collection highlights artisan craftsmanship in a contemporary design with the live-edge effect of the butterfly joints and the sleek and modern style of the U-shaped iron legs. Each piece in the collection is constructed from hand-selected premium acacia wood, offering a much higher quality look and feel. With a classic charm and air of sophistication, the hand-crafted live edge styled table top is cut from a thick acacia wood slab featuring sleek beveled edges and butterfly joinery detailing. The water-based catalyzed walnut finish on the wood creates an amazing luminosity that evokes beauty from every angle while also being durable for daily use. The table's top rests on two dark gray U-shaped legs creating a fusion of natural and industrial elements. This table requires some assembly and with materials of the finest quality, it will be an effortless addition to any home.


        • Available in two sizes: Dining and Counter
        • Dining table assembled dimensions: 78InL x 38InW x 30InH
        • Gathering table assembled dimensions: 66InL x 32InW x 35.5InH
        • Rectangle dining table top made of solid acacia wood
        • Walnut finish of the table top is a hand applied, water-based catalyzed finish that is moisture resistant, providing durability for daily use
        • Live edge styled top with beveled edges give this table a sleek, modern appeal
        • The U-shaped legs powder coated in antique zinc contrast beautifully with the natural acacia wood top
        • Contemporary style in eco-friendly materials
        View Details
        Nottingham Modern Live Edge Bed

        Nottingham Modern Live Edge Bed


        The Nottingham collection elevates mid-century modern to the next level with sustainable organic materials and modern design elements. Casual enough for a beachfront oasis, yet modern enough for a European loft style home, the Nottingham collection has furniture pieces for every room in your home. With a classic charm and air of sophistication, the hand-crafted live edge headboard is cut from a thick acacia wood slab featuring curved edges, and the water-based catalyzed walnut finish that offers durability while showcasing the natural grain of the wood. With two cupboard areas cut out of the foot board, this bed is not only the perfect piece for resting your head at night, but also provides some extra room for housing blankets and other bedtime favorites. The footboard rests on a pair of U-shaped, sleek iron U-shaped legs to create a fusion of natural and industrial elements. This bed frame requires assembly and is made with materials of the finest quality, making it the perfect addition to any modern styled bedroom.


        • Available in two sizes, each in a different finish: Walnut and Weathered Gray
        • Queen Assembled Dimensions: 75InL x 96.5InW x 54InH
        • King Assembled Dimensions: 97InL x 90InW x 59InH
        • Queen/king bed frame made completely of acacia wood
        • The live edge headboard and curved edges enhance the natural look and feel of this bed
        • Footboard includes two cupboard areas lining the bed's end providing space for blankets and other nighttime accessories
        • U-shaped hand-forged iron legs contrast beautifully with the natural acacia wood
        • King bed frame fits an eastern standard king mattress, and queen bed frame fits standard queen mattress
        • Mid-century modern style in eco-friendly materials
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        Grandby Mid-Century Modern Live Edge Coffee Table

        Grandby Mid-Century Modern Live Edge Coffee Table


        The simplicity of the Grandby collection exemplifies the mid-century modern era by blending beautifully clean lines with organic materials. With its live edge and dynamic acacia wood grain, this durable wood supported by hairpin legs is the highlight of all pieces in this collection. This coffee table has a solid acacia wood table top that features curved edges to highlight the live edge effect and provide a refined appearance. The antique zinc steel hairpin legs provide a modern balance to the natural materials. The water-based catalyzed walnut finish offers durability while showcasing the natural grain of the acacia wood. This coffee table requires some light assembly and with materials of the finest quality, it will be an effortless addition to any home.

        • Assembled Dimensions: 54InL x 28InW x 16.5InH
        • 54-inch coffee table made with acacia wood
        • Walnut finish of the table top is a hand applied, water-based catalyzed finish that is moisture resistant, providing durability for daily use
        • Live edge styled table top give this coffee table a natural charm
        • Antique zinc steel hairpin legs contrast beautifully with the natural acacia wood top
        • Mid-century modern style in eco-friendly materials
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