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The Marble Table Guide

How to find the perfect piece for your space


nown for a classic, one-of-a-kind look, marble tables bring effortless, elegant style and function into your space. As one of the most popular high-end materials in home design, marble provides a striking yet balanced way to decorate. It can act as both a centerpiece and a sleek, subtle addition to a room.

Marble can certainly be a significant investment for your home, but pricing is not the only thing to consider when shopping for your new marble furniture. At World Interiors, we have compiled a guide that helps you both understand the foundation behind this sought-after material and help you refine your search for your ideal piece.

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Artezia Rustic Industrial Crank Table

A wide variety of different colors and patterns, this coveted stone caters to a variety of interior design styles and personal preferences spanning from understated, bright tones to bold, dark options - and everything in between.

Marble can be found in all parts of the world and comes from the crystallization of rocks like limestone and dolomite. The wide variety of colors can be attributed to the minerals of the soil as the rocks are being crystallized; minerals that infiltrate the stone alter its final texture and color. A white and uniform marble, for example, is the result of very little minerals in the soil during crystallization.

Other factors, such as the way the marble is cut, also play a significant role in determining its final appearance. A rift-cut occurs when the marble slab is cut from the top, resulting in a more open pattern. A vein cut, on the other hand, is taken from the side, exposing the layers of the stone with a more striped look.

Types of Marble Tables

Coffee Tables

Looking to integrate a grounded, sophisticated touch of marble into your space? A coffee table does the trick, working to both harmonize with your current interior design and contribute its own flair while seamlessly elevating the room. If this is the first marble piece in a certain area, find table legs and an overall design that make sense in collaboration with the main elements of the space. From beloved modern and art deco style tables to airy, mid-century modern options and endless transitional styles in between, all you have to do is take your pick!

Lisbon Marble & Mango Wood Coffee Table

Console Tables

Oftentimes, more traditionally practical furniture pieces can be missed opportunities to enhance the style of your home. Consoles can be overlooked for their contribution to interior design, so we’re here to say: don’t skip out! After all, it’s all about creating a coherent space out of every nook and cranny. The Palm Desert Console Table can keep things fun and extra stylish while fulfilling all of your functional needs in your space as a perfect addition to an art deco room or a fun moment in your modern space

Round Dining Tables

While subtle marble touches can be a great way to combine styles, they are not the only way to go about adding this incredible stone to your interior design. Statement pieces, like dining tables are unparalleled in their centerpiece quality, making for a special moment in any style - from the classic to the contemporary.

Our Palm Desert Dining Marble Table Collection does exactly that, blending curved and straight lines in this chic design. A gently distressed, white washed mango wood base delicately yet assertively complements the marble table top, available in light brown, black, and white marble.

Welles Cast Iron Industrial Desk



Home office spaces deserve some love too! Desks are an unexpected way to bring marble into the home in different areas beyond living and dining rooms.

When it comes to marble, less is more. Intentional and thoughtful use and placement of this timeless material will bring attention to the piece but blend well with style of the space. For example, our Melbourne Reclaimed Rustic Writing Desk .

Wood vs. Marble Tables

Like their marble counterparts, wood tables are another undeniable home décor classic, proving endless charm to any communal space. When the time comes to choose marble or wood, what direction is the right one? Let's get into it.

Like style, furniture is always changing and evolving. Traditional materials are used in new innovative ways, and there's no leaving natural wood or marble out of the mix. Blends of unexpected materials constantly blur the lines between the classic and the trendy.

Melbourne side and coffee tables with the Portia Antique Blue Italian Leather Sofa

When it comes to truly timeless furniture pieces, both wood and marble stand intact at the top in their most natural form - true staples of the design world, these classics never fail to deliver. Despite having competition for the number one spot, marble tables hold a certain advantage when it comes to their adaptability within a space.

The many different bases of marble tables cater to endless home interior designs - an elegant touch, able to range from the dramatic to the subtle chic, seamlessly integrated into the interior design.

Design Tips

If you still have some concerns that marble may or may not be for you, let some of our favorite design tips to guide you:

When shopping for your ideal marble table, it’s important to consider what your style is today, along with the ways in which it might change in the future. Thinking back to your personal interior design preferences, however, is a great way to begin your search.

The legs are often the main differentiating factors in marble tables – while you can definitely restore and change up your table in the future, alterations like these can get pricey. Remember: make sure that your pick is something you not only love the look of, but is also versatile within your home.

After all, whether you're on the lookout for a streamlined, sleek Industrial Modern marble table or a Mid-Century Modern piece with a fun twist, the options are endless. When in doubt, our style guides are here to help.


Prone to stains and scratches, this natural marble needs to be properly shielded from damaging outside conditions on a regular basis. So, be sure to clean your marble table with a gentle, diluted soap and avoid any acidic liquids--as this could stain the marble. Periodic re-sealing is generally recommended by industry professionals.