Why Buy Heirloom Quality Vintage Furniture?

The Bottom Line

If you want your furniture to last, construction is paramount. At World Interiors, we know our woodworking! In order to create the perfect piece for you, we go through an intricate process. This guarantees that every piece of furniture we sell is heirloom quality. If you'd like to know about some techniques we utilize to make the very best pieces, you've come to the right place.

Here's are a few:


One of the oldest forms of furniture construction dating back hundreds of years. Originally used to construct panels, tabletops and beds, this technique was used before the advent of glues.  Mortise and tenons create extremely strong structural integrity by interlocking the wood.  

Vintage Furniture Austin


Held together with mortise and tenon joinery, wood panels are inserted along a tongue and groove to allow for the natural movement of solid wood.  Solid wood panels must have room to expand and contract or they will crack.  This technique allows the panel to "float" within the frame structure to prevent cracking (no glue or nails are used).  Metal clips with slots are attached to tabletops and other panels to allow natural movement.

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All hand-turned elements of our furniture are placed on a lathe and hand-carved by wood craftsmen.  Before removal from the lathe, each piece is sanded by hand to create amazing beauty and detail in the turned components.Heirloom Quality Furniture Austin


Reclaimed wood occasionally requires patches in portions of the raw material previously used in old buildings or furniture.  When a dutchman patch is used, care is taken to match the wood grain and coloration as close as possible.  Butterfly joints are used to strengthen panels and other components where cracks may be present.  Each of these techniques adds to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.

Vintage Furniture Austin


Dovetailing involves cutting interlocking grooves into the drawer front and side panel to ensure long lasting durability.  Drawers feature wood or metal glides with drawer stops for ease of use and safety.  Drawers are constructed entirely of solid wood and feature a finished interior.

Vintage Furniture Austin

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