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Why Live Edge Monkey Pod Wood?

It's Durable. Monkey Pod wood is a tropical hardwood that's naturally resilient to decay and insect attacks. Coupled with our long lasting, low VOC, 7-step catalyzed lacquer finish, your table will be able to handle whatever life throws at it.

It's Sustainable. Monkey Pod trees grow abundantly in the tropical regions of the world. As a company, we strive to source all our materials sustainably. All of our Monkey Pod wood comes from specialized tree farms and never from areas of deforestation.

It's Beautiful. Golden brown wood grains contrast with lighter sapwood and combine with truly natural live edges to create a beautiful piece with no shortage of character.

Austin Style. Built in Austin.

We do it all! The production of these one-of-a-kind pieces is always done in-house. Located in Austin, Texas, adjacent to our elegant showroom, is our 40,000 sq. foot warehouse. Inside the warehouse, you can find our state-of-the-art fabrication and spray booth known as "The Custom Slab Shop." Choose from 100's of one-of-a-kind slabs and a variety of different bases to create your unique piece. Come see for yourself why World Interiors is sure to provide a top-tier experience.

What Can You Make?

Honestly, your imagination is the limit. Our branded Live Edge slabs are commonly made into coffee, dining, and conference tables; however, many customers have gotten quite creative in creating products ranging from live edge bookcases to unique headboards. Shop our slabs below and see what your imagination can do when creativity is in your hands.

View all of our current slabs below. Once you've found the perfect slab, base, and finish mixture call our store to make your custom piece come to life.


The "U" Base 

The A-Frame Base 

The 1 or 2 Inch Tubing Base 

The Drum Base

The Flat "X" Base 

The Hairpin Leg Base 

The Rod Leg Base 


Choose Your Stain

Keep it as nature intended with our natural stain. This finish epitomizes the natural contrasts between the inner and outer layers of real-wood by highlighting the natural grains, mineral deposits, knots and sap. Wanna be different? Opt for a more traditional look by choosing the colonial or walnut stains. For a more chic and modern look, consider graphite or dark walnut. 

Custom Live Edge Slabs Austin

A Cutting Edge Look

Our furniture is not only functional but doubles as a fashion statement. With the World Interiors Custom Slab Program, you have the ability to add a splash of color to the edge of your custom product. Choose between natural, gold, silver, graphite, gray-wash, and black to create the perfect color scheme.

Custom LIVE EDGE slabs Austin

Make it Shine

The crowd-favorite here in Austin is the satin finish. It's kind of the Goldilocks zone of sealants- not too glossy, not too matte. The semi-gloss is commonly used with our darker stains, such as graphite and dark walnut, to give your piece that more finished designer luster. Slabs can, of course, be left raw. However, raw slabs are wax coated, giving the wood less protection than if it were sealed and finished with our 7 step catalyzed lacquer.

Questions?These options and more are available to anyone trying to create a custom piece. We would be glad to help you turn any idea into reality. If you have any questions or ideas about a custom product, feel free to contact us at or by phone at 512.821.1302.