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The Crank Table Guide

Materials, Assembly, & Maintenance

Artezia Industrial Modern Drafting Desk


rank tables have grown in popularity in recent years. Crank tables combine our two favorite design styles - industrial modern and rustic.
Looking for a dining table that can turn into a standing bar for gatherings? Looking for a desk that allows you to sit or stand, without needing an entirely separate piece? Look no further than a versatile crank table!

This article covers everything you need to know about World Interiors crank tables - from materials and construction to styles and maintenance.

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Regina French Industrial Crank Side Table


Our tables are constructed of two main materials: iron and solid wood. Iron is used to form a base that can withstand immense pressure, while solid wood is employed to create beautifully rustic table tops.


We use reclaimed iron for all of our crank table bases. The use of iron not only brings in industrial elements, but also ensures that the base is sturdy, the gears remain functioning, and the table is tip-resistant. There are two main categories of iron: cast iron and forged iron.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is a more cost-effective option used more commonly with pieces that undergo less stress, such as chairs. While not quite as strong as forged iron, cast iron is still rated to last a lifetime with proper care. It is also generally preferred for more complex pieces, as it is much easier to pour iron into a cast than it is to forge it into shape.

Forged Iron

Forged iron, is used for pieces that need both strength and durability, while handling a lot of stress. Forged iron can retain its shape, while withstanding immense pressure. Since the process is more involved, forged iron products tend to also be more expensive.

Artezia Rustic Industrial Crank Table

Product Highlight: The Artezia Rustic Industrial Crank Table

Sporting a complex, unique dual-shaft base, the Artezia Industrial Crank table is a steampunk-inspired design that truly adds a unique industrial flair to any workspace. The sleek, hand-forged iron base in gunmetal zinc finish creates a beautiful fusion of natural and industrial elements when combined with the lightweight teak wood top. The reclaimed teak top remains extremely durable while also being lightweight, allowing for easier height adjustments while still remaining a long-lasting piece.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is a quintessential material for any high quality rustic piece. We opt to use several different species of wood for our table tops: Acacia, Mango, and Teak.


Acacia wood, is found growing in forests throughout the world. The species we use, Babul Acacia, has a variety of uses, from medicinal ingredients to carpentry material.

Acacia wood is an incredibly durable hardwood. With a Janka hardness rating of 2,300 pounds, Acacia wood is incredibly well suited for daily use and is naturally water and rot resistant.

Artezia Industrial Modern Drafting Desk

Product Highlight: The Artezia Industrial Modern Drafting Desk

Inspired by traditional drafting desks used by artists and designers from many backgrounds, the Artezia Industrial Modern Drafting Desk offers extra functionality while retaining a stunningly beautiful aesthetic. The sleek and strong hand-forged iron base in an antique zinc finish creates a beautiful fusion of natural and industrial elements with the acacia wood top, complete with two sets of cranks to adjust the desk's height and tilt. The Acacia is stained in a walnut finish and sealed with low-VOC lacquer in order to ensure it is protected for decades to come, and includes a removable pencil ledge for ease of use as a office/drafting desk combination.


One of the most widely available tropical hardwoods, mango trees grow in tropical regions across the globe. A natural bi-product of mango plantations, this wood is our top choice for sustainable furniture décor.

In addition to being fast-growing and widely available, mango wood is also a formidable hardwood. With a Janka Hardness rating of 1,070 pounds per foot, Mango wood is ranked between Mahogany and Oak in terms of hardness.

Dakota 42-Inch Round Adjustable Dining Table with Cast Iron Base - World Interiors Dakota 42-Inch Round Adjustable Dining Table with Cast Iron Base - World Interiors Dakota 42-Inch Round Adjustable Dining Table with Cast Iron Base - World Interiors Dakota Adjustable Height Round Bistro Table

Product Highlight: The Dakota Adjustable Height Round Bistro Table

The Dakota Adjustable Height Round Bistro Table offers a sleek, sophisticated and compact industrial modern dining table that can serve many functions, from an accent table in your office to a main dining table. Its compact 42 inch diameter allows for the table to comfortably sit 4-5, while its sleek iron base offers maximum legroom while the base's weight anchors the table, keeping it stable and resistant to tipping. This piece adds an element of industrial modern style into any space its placed in.


An age-old favorite, Teak wood has been used in many different capacities throughout history. Although aged, old-growth Teak trees are extremely rare and protected, we are able to use this amazing material by reclaiming teak from other, now unused objects or structures.

The "Gold Standard" for decay resistance, Teak's naturally high oil content protects it from insects and wood rot. It also has the unique characteristic of being lightweight, yet durable due to this.

Artezia Recycled Teak Industrial Crank Desk

Product Highlight: Artezia Recycled Teak Industrial Crank Desk

The Artezia Recycled Teak Industrial Crank Desk combines reclaimed teak wood with a hand-forged iron base to create an eclectic piece that elevates any home office space. Featuring a functioning hand crank, this table can be adjusted to sit at whatever height you prefer. In addition to its sophisticated design, this piece's use of formidable materials ensures that it will truly stand the test of time - for decades to come.

Crank Functionality

The key feature of any crank table is the hand crank. The overall functionality of the piece is powered by the hand crank, just like the machines of old.

In order to preserve the functionality of the crank, it is important to consider these notes:

While the use of the crank does require some force in order to move the piece, it should not require substantial effort. If you find yourself applying a lot of pressure to adjust the height, look for wingnuts along the shaft. These are tightened to hold the table in place at its current height.

Altering the table's height while these nuts are tightened will cause the threading on the table's shaft(s) to be off-set, causing a tilted table top. If this occurs, then the table will need to essentially be taken completely apart and the shaft(s) would need to be reset.

If you would like assistance in any repairs for World Interiors furniture, please email us at with your order number included. You can also give us a call at 512-821-1302.

Please note that each crank piece is intended to have rustic elements incorporated into it. This includes a rough, textured table top which better represents the natural characteristics of the wood. While this is not considered a defect, it can become an issue for those who need to write on the table surface. We recommend using a writing pad on the table in this case.

Keeping it Eco-Friendly & Family-Friendly

We believe that great furniture doesn't need to hurt the environment. World Interiors is committed to helping repair the environment and minimize the ecological impact of the worldwide furniture industry.

While many companies opt for cheaper finishes, we use a specialized low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) finish in order to minimize off-gassing of potentially harmful chemicals, both during production and in the home.

Adjustable Height Table Styles

Crank Table / Crank Desk

Typically available in sizes ranging from 60"(5ft) - 84"(7ft) in length, these tables are built with thicker tops and more robust bases to support the extra weight that a dining set would add.

While originally designed for the dining room, the ability to adjust the table height allows these crank tables to be used as desks, gathering tables, bar tables, and more!

These pieces make for great office desks. Studies show that standing for a portion of your work day can have beneficial effects in your health. These desks provide an easy way to transform a sitting desk into a standing desk. The added pleasure from watching the gears at work makes this a desk to die for!

Product Highlight: Welles Crank Table

The Welles Crank Table effortlessly combines Rustic and Industrial style through its use of aged reclaimed teak wood and sand-casted iron. This rustic-industrial piece features a textured table top that creates an ere of warmth and charm, while the cast iron base is fitting with a functioning hand crank to add the functionality that Industrial pieces are renowned for. This piece is protected using our low-VOC lacquer, which minimizes the release of potentially harmful chemicals into the home.

Welles Crank Table Desk

Accent / Side Tables

Typically available in sizes ranging from 24"(2ft) - 36"(3ft) in diameter, these pieces are great to add an industrial flair to a space.

The customizable height allows these tables to be implemented in a plethora of different designs. One could even cluster the tables together at different heights, creating an interesting terraced aesthetic.

All in all, these versatile pieces can be incorporated into many different spaces and room configurations, making them a great addition to any home.

Product Highlight: The Artezia Crank Side Table

The Artezia crank side table offers farmhouse style, fused with industrial elements. Crafted exclusively from reclaimed materials, each piece in this unique collection features fine details such as adjustable hand cranks for a vintage look that blends art and function.

Artezia Industrial Walnut Finish Crank Side Table

Adjustable Height Round Dining Tables

A variation on the crank table, adjustable height tables feature a top that can be rotated in order to adjust the table's height. The table can then be locked in place by a wingnut located on the shaft.

These pieces provide an interesting alternative to the more common rectangular crank table. Round tables tend to also work much better for more intimate settings, where connections across the table are encouraged. Since everyone sits facing the center, it is much easier to talk without having to turn & face people.

The industrial influence on these typically rustic pieces adds a sense of upscale sophistication while still maintaining a more traditional, inviting charm.

Product Highlight: The Amici Adjustable Round Dining Table

Crafted exclusively from sustainable acacia wood and iron with antique rubbed zinc finish, the Amici collection is all about functionality with each piece proving to be versatile and unique.

This hand-crafted round table has an acacia wood table top featuring smooth beveled edges, and the water-based, catalyzed, walnut finish offers durability while showcasing the natural grain of the wood. This piece is fitted with a threaded iron shaft that allows the piece to be rotated 360 degrees, altering the piece to sit at whatever height you prefer.

Amici Adjustable Round Dining Table


Each table is shipped with a set of assembly instructions to help guide you through the process. If you would like an extra copy, please email us at or give us a call at 512-821-1302.

  • Known Problems and Quick Fixes
  • Be sure to loosen the wingnuts located on the shaft of the piece before using the crank. Failure to do so may cause major issues with the piece that will require substantial disassembly.
  • Some crank tables, such as those in the Artezia collection, come with a handle to for easier operation of the crank's handle. These ship in a reverse position for protection. In order to reverse the positioning of the crank for use, do the following:
  • Take off the retaining bolt
  • Slide the hand crank off, turn it around, and slide it back on.
  • Put the retaining bolt back on
  • Many of our crank side tables feature a tripod base. Sometimes, the legs on the base have holes that do not perfectly align during assembly. To resolve:
  • Disassemble the legs by removing any screws in the leg holes
  • Reassemble the legs and partially insert the screws into all leg holes
  • Tighten the screws
  • Many of our pieces feature a rough, textured table top. While this is not considered a problem or defect due to the rustic design of the piece, it can become an issue for those who need to write on the table surface. We recommend using a writing pad on the table in this case.


Our tables are built to last generations. A little care along the way will help them get there. Here's some useful tips that ensures your crank table will stand the test of time.

  • When cleaning spills, use a lint-free cloth dampened with warm soapy water. Do not use harsh chemicals on the table as this will remove the finish.
  • Avoid exposing the wood to alcohol, deodorants, perfumes, nail varnishes and similar liquids. If spillage occurs, wipe immediately with a dry cloth. These liquids will pull moisture from wood when left, causing cracking. Alcohol such as red wine could also leave a permanent stain.
  • Do not place your furniture near heat sources such as fireplaces or radiators as this will cause warping
  • If your piece is exposed to partial sunlight, we recommend occasionally rotating the piece in order to expose every angle to an equal amount of sunlight, causing even darkening over time.
  • If the crank mechanism squeaks, lubricate the shaft using a small amount of grease. Do not use WD-40 or silicone lubricant.
  • WD-40 is typically used to remove rust on metal. While this can lubricate a piece for a short time, WD-40's solvent base will cause it to evaporate relatively quickly, which will in turn cause the crank to squeak once more.
  • Silicone lubricant has not been tested on our products. While there are no known problems that result from using silicone lubricant on our crank bases, we still do not recommend using these products with our furniture.