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Bedroom Style Guide

bedroom style guide

As the seasons change, it's time to change up your decor. While you're at it, why not change up the whole bedroom. It can be overwhelming to outfit an entire bedroom that balances functionality and beauty. Whether you're looking for a space that reflects traditional, contemporary, or transitional styles, take some of these tips into account and you'll be well on your way to having a beautiful, personalized bedroom!


If you're a free-spirited individual, who's lifestyle is anything but average, Bohemian is made for you. Drawing inspiration from various styles all over the world, Bohemian style provides creative freedom across the board. An important rule to follow with Bohemian style is that there are no rules - every piece can belong as long as it tells something about yourself as an individual.

solid wood bedroom style

Solid wood lays a great foundation for this style. Golden and dark brown finishes bring forth feelings of warmth and comfort while the natural curves and grain variations calm the eye. Wood is also a great material to aid in the incorporation of nature into the home - a hallmark of Bohemian style.

In terms of color schemes, feel free to incorporate whatever colors you like so long as it reflects you and your character. Or, incorporate many colors into your space with our Cordoba Collection. If you're unsure of where to start, opting for neutral colors is always a great foundational choice. These colors create a canvas that allows for easy matching with other additions later on.

Bohemian is all about handmade pieces that tell a story. Our Haveli hand-carved collection reflects this wonderfully eclectic style via its ornate hand-carved headboard and drawer faces. The handmade nature of this collection results in slightly different variations for each and every iteration, making it truly unique.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern is a great option for those torn between traditional and contemporary; it's the middle-ground between the two! Incorporating a unique mix of organic design and sleek lines with a variety of materials, this versatile style allows for creative freedom in designing your bedroom space.

bedroom style inspiration

Mid-Century Modern style works well with a solid wood base and cast iron accents. The sleek lines and cooler colored accents contrast with the warm, organic nature of the solid wood to culminate in a style the gently incorporates the natural world into your sleeping space.

Keeping a fairly minimalist, spacious layout for the room lends well to this style. The negative space creates a light, airy feeling within the room, and helps the room from feeling to cramped or overwhelming.

Industrial Modern

If you're looking for something unique & multi-functional, Industrial Modern  (AKA Industrial Chic) is a great stylistic choice. Defined by the re-purposing of various materials, Industrial Modern encourages the use of including non-traditional and repurposed items within your space.

bedroom style guide

Darker colors and rough textures are your friend with this style. Consider a piece that fuses the organic curves that live edge pieces offer with the sleek lines offered by an iron frame, such as the Glenwood bed. This unique combination represents the fusion of existing industrial designs with contemporary organic styles.

Industrial style works best with materials that reflect its cornerstone quality of durability: cast iron, solid wood, and top grain leather are top picks.


Organic style is the closest one can get to bringing the natural world into the home, well short of living in a treehouse. The key element of this style is the emphasis on live-edges - the natural edge of the wood. This results in unique shapes that reflect the life of the tree.

dining room style guide

We recommend using solid wood as a focal point for this style. The grain patterns, color variations, and earthly shapes inherent in wood are a key element when styling in this manner.

Another important element to consider when using this style is the application of imperfect shapes - namely, pieces that make use of organic curves. Curves reflect the shapes commonly found in the natural world - there are no perfectly straight lines found in nature.

The Nottingham collection is a classic example of organic style at play. The emphasis of Nottingham is on the organic live edge headboards and cupboard paneling. These natural shapes and finishes effortlessly bring ideas found in nature into your sleeping space.


Transitional style marries traditional with contemporary. While transitional uses the classic lines of traditional style, the colors are usually more contemporary. Defined by its smooth combination of classic and contemporary elements, this style offers a wide variety of choice, though it can be difficult to draw the furniture together to create a cohesive whole.

dining room style guide

This style offers a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to furniture choices. With transitional style, you can incorporate pieces from many other styles to create a design that reflects you. The trick is to keep to neutral colors. Straying too far from a muted color scheme tends to make the room feel overwhelming.

The main aspect of this style that should not be overlooked is scale. Take heed to not incorporate too many oversized pieces. Too many large pieces will overpower the focal point of the room - the bed.

The Vallarta collection is a great example of transitional design at play. This collection brings contrasting textures, colors, and materials together to create a space bridged between tribal and contemporary design.


One of the most rapidly growing styles, There are a variety of coastal styles. Rooms decorated in coastal style are characterized by a love of ocean hues and sun-bleached white decor and the incorporation of natural materials and fabrics and natural light.

bed room style guide

The central element of this style is the use of muted, sun-kissed colors. The multi-tone color palette of the Cordoba collection provides and excellent example of this style rule at play. This creates a bright, summery atmosphere within the space.

Typically, using tropical hardwoods like mango wood creates a lighter tone in the room, while adding colorful accents can bring out more individual character within the space.

The Takeaway

No matter the style you're going for, don't be afraid to go against the grain and break some style rules! The design of a room is a reflection of one's perception of self. Don't feel like you have to follow any one style - mixing and matching can often times culminate in a beautiful, unique space.