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Industrial chic furniture:

What's Your Style?

We get it. So many decor ideas, so many styles, so many choices. It can be quite overwhelming! Where should you start? There's a few questions you should ask yourself when decorating your home. Chief among them is "What style reflects me and my personality?" If you're looking for some help narrowing down the perfect style for your space, you've come to the right place. This article is part of our What's Your Style series, created to help you achieve an aesthetic that's tailored to you. Keep reading to learn more!

A fresh, edgy, and unique style, Industrial Chic, also known as Industrial Modern, is a style that's not afraid to bear it all, upholding the ideals of functionality and utilitarianism.

Do you love watching things work? Maybe you're an engineer, obsessed with gears, cranks, and levers.
Maybe you're a steampunk lover... Call of Cthulu by H.P. Lovecraft is your favorite novel, and your favorite movie is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Maybe you're just tired of the sleek and showy styles of contemporary homes. You value a hardworking quality in your space, and you have the DIY projects to show for it.
Maybe you just want some unique, not-your-everyday pieces to add some character to your space.

If any of these descriptors fits you, Industrial Chic Furniture may truly be a great fit for you!

The Origins

Industrial style began as not a design movement, but simply as a part of the blue collar worker's life. This style's roots can be traced back to Victorian-era England, when technological advances, such as the steam engine, revolutionized the way humans manufactured items. Cottage industries were replaced by factories. Urban populations exploded as thousands flocked from farms to factories to for better-paying work.

As time went on, these now old and obsolete factories were turned over to artists and architects, who turned them into unique lofts that incorporated the steel beams and exposed brick walls of the building's shell into these new spaces. This marked the beginning of Industrial Style in interior design. Rising in popularity in the early 2000's, the style's prevalence continues through the present day.

Industrial defining features: getting the look

Flagstone Elements

Looking to make your space exude the Industrial Chic aesthetic? Here's some of the main aspects that defines the style:

  • Exposed brick walls
  • Cement floors
  • Raw, unfinished-looking materials
  • Sleek metal and glass lighting accents
  • Exposed structural beams & air ducts
  • Stainless steel accents

Don't feel like you have to incorporate all these features if you don't want to! It's always important to create a space you feel proud to call home. We do, however, recommend including a few of these elements into your space if you want to truly call it Industrial Modern.


Industrial style is all about keeping it simple and no-frills. Furniture is less ornate. Instead, opt for simpler forms. Typically, furniture in this style has a masculine look. Sharp angles and strong, clean lines are some defining features of the form. The complexity comes from the frame... or rather, lack thereof.

As stated earlier, modern Industrial pieces are not afraid to show off what makes them tick. Exposed frames showcase the gears, cranks, and springs that allow the pieces to function. Exposed ducting, beams, and partially-exposed brick walls exudes the hardworking, functional qualities that defines this style. The Welles Industrial table (pictured above) is an optimal example of this.


Industrial modern is a style of furniture that champions functionality within the space. What's the point of exposed internals if those internals don't work? True industrial pieces should serve a purpose (or, even better, multiple purposes!)

That's why we design our pieces with functioning cranks. This allows the piece to exude the motif of durability and functionality present in this style.

Multi-functional pieces are the name of the game for this aesthetic. A dining table could crank up to gathering or bar-height, turning your dining space into a perfect place for game night or parties. A drafting desk could tilt into a writing or office desk, and adjust in height for a standing or sitting desk!

Industrial Salvage Bike Console Table

Another great option for modern industrial pieces are salvage pieces. As the age-old saying goes, one man's trash is another's treasure. 

This couldn't be more true for the industrial home. The beauty in everyday items are highlighted, from old bikes turned console tables to typewriters turned accent pieces. If an object speaks to you, display it with pride!

Industrial Furniture in Austin

The base from our Bethlehem Industrial Table


Industrial chic is all about using old materials in new ways. Again, salvaged materials and reclaimed woods are perfect to achieve this aesthetic.

For metal pieces, look for welded or forged iron. If iron isn't your style, tin, steel, and aluminum create a clean, cool, and functional feeling. These metals also balance the perfect amount of sleekness without making the space feel too upscale.

For woods, reclaimed teak is a great pick. The rough texture combined with the raw finish exudes a hard-working and utilitarian quality that seems fresh off the production line. In addition, the light weight of teak makes it perfect for crank table tops!

Industrial Wood Example


With age comes beauty! Materials that have a worn look are ideal for an industrial space. Nicks, cuts, and scratches are welcome with each piece - it just adds character. No metal is complete without a touch of patina, and no wood can fit without a raw, slightly course texture to it. Weathered wood finds its home within an industrial space.


Muted colors are this style's soulmate.

Primarily go with neutrals: grey, black, beige, brown, taupe, and white. Bright, loud colors are hard-pressed to find a place in an industrial chic space.

Avoid adding too many bold colors, as this will take away from the overall feel of the space.

That being said, don't be afraid to add touches of bright, bold colors. Adding some bronze or gold accents can serve to add some striking contrast without overpowering the rest of the space.

If you want to be bolder with your use of color, opt for an accent piece that prominently features bright, bold colors, like the Hudson Lounge Chair.

You can also opt to go dark and moody by adding splashes of indigo, plum, or sapphire.

Either way, just make sure to not go overboard, as it will take away from the overall tone of the space.

Another great way to both modernize your space while providing contrast that still keeps the cool color palette in tact, adding some stainless steel is a great choice. Modern appliances make for a great fit within an industrial style kitchen, and stainless steel lighting makes for great decor in any room!

Add some rustic touches by incorporating wood into your space! Wood adds both warmth and contrast in an otherwise cold room. It looks absolutely amazing when juxtaposed against concrete flooring or metal pieces. You really can't go wrong with wood additions within this style.

The Amici Industrial Modern Bistro table is an excellent example of the stark contrast present when juxtaposing wood against metal.

Looking to Add some Industrial Chic Style to Your Space? Here's Some Tips:

Industrial Chic Furniture in Austin
  • Looking to go all-out with this style? Consider concrete flooring. This material fully captures an aesthetic reminiscent of the factory production lines of old. 
  • Keep in mind concrete floors doesn't always mean cold feet and aching legs; we recommend adding carpets and rugs to both add contrast and allow you to warm your feet and rest your legs.
  • Not into concrete? Not a problem! Consider adding dark, rustic wood flooring to the space. This allows for some added versatility for modeling the space. Wood looks beautiful in any space and thus allows you to change the style of your home by just changing the furnishings, rather than a complete remodel.
Industrial modern furniture in Austin
  • Want to add more character? Add vintage pieces as accents!
  • Vintage pieces are great for adding some uniqueness to your industrial space without taking away from the overall tone of the room. These pieces can definitely feel out of place when overdone, but just a few can really transform the space for the better!
Industrial Lighting Choices
  • Lighting accents give a great chance to think outside the box! 
  • For a truly steampunk look, we suggest going with the Element Industrial light. If you want a room that completely vibes steampunk, check out some of these steampunk lighting choices!

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Artezia Industrial Modern Drafting Desk
Artezia Industrial Modern Drafting Desk
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Artezia Recycled Teak Industrial Crank Desk

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Amici Modern Adjustable Bistro Table

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